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Ear piercing is a big life event for many children today. Because ear piercing lasts for a lifetime, it’s important to have the procedure done by an expert in a safe environment, and that’s where Professional Pediatrics specialist Benjamin Valdez, MD, comes in. Dr. Valdez expertly pierces ears in the comfortable Roseville, California, office, giving you peace of mind as a parent. Call the office to make your child’s appointment today.   

Ear Piercing Q&A

What is ear piercing?

Ear piercing refers to making a tiny hole in both earlobes, allowing the child to wear earrings. Many parents choose to pierce their child’s ears because of tradition, culture, religion, or because the child requests it themselves.

What is the right age for ear piercing?

There’s no single right age for ear piercing. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends ear piercing only when a child is old enough to perform ear care themselves. 

However, every situation is unique. If you’re interested in ear piercing for your child and they’re still very young, discuss your needs and goals with the Professional Pediatrics team. They can provide personalized advice for your situation. 

Why should pediatricians do ear piercing in children? 

You’ve undoubtedly seen the many places where you can get ear piercing, from retail jewelry stores to kiosks in the mall. Unfortunately, having your child’s ears pierced in one of these places is potentially quite dangerous. 

The people performing piercings in retail stores are often untrained or only minimally trained. They’re not medical professionals and may use subpar equipment and materials. This all greatly raises the risk of infections and complications.

At Professional Pediatrics, you can rest easy knowing your child’s ear piercing is performed under the supervision of a pediatrician with decades of experience, plus:

  • The team knows your child’s medical history and needs
  • Your child is comfortable because they already know their provider
  • The office is clean and safe
  • The team uses medical-grade piercing equipment 
  • Your child gets earrings made of safe hypoallergenic metals
  • You’ll get detailed aftercare instructions
  • You can follow up with the office if your child develops issues

Ear piercing at Professional Pediatrics helps you feel confident about the procedure, something you’ll never get at a jewelry store or the mall.

What kind of aftercare does children’s ear piercing require?

Aftercare focuses on keeping the piercing sites clean and allowing them to heal. Usually, this involves washing the piercings, cleaning them with alcohol, and applying petroleum jelly or an antibiotic ointment daily. Rotating the earrings a couple of times a day can help prevent problems. 

Never remove the earrings early (usually, you must keep them in for at least six weeks) unless instructed to do so. If you experience any issues with your child’s ear piercing, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

To learn more about ear piercing, call Professional Pediatrics to book your appointment today.